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Noob having zero success modding gta 5!!!

  • Hi guys,

    I am really struggling with this whole modding thing in GTA 5. Im hoping that some of you could help me...

    First off I have just bought gta 5 from steam today and started it modding before I even played it. I went through all the steps and successfully managed to install the REDUX mod.
    The game worked fine and looked great, so I then tried to install other mods...

    I tried the "no swear" mod, but after putting the rpf file into the game directory, the game simply wouldn't load up! I would just get a windows message saying that the game had stopped working.
    The game would load up and work fine again after I removed the rpf file.
    Any ideas why this mod stopped the game loading up?

    Next thing I tried, was the mega realistic car pack mod.
    I downloaded it, went through all the steps and ran the installer.
    The installer completed, but the game wouldn't load up again! I was getting the same message as before!
    After a little bit of digging, I replaced the gameconfig file using openiv, but this time, the game is stuck on the "loading story mode" loading screen!
    Any ideas why it's doing this?

    It seems that I can't uninstall the car pack mod, so I am left with a game that won't start!
    I've now uninstalled the game and I've had to re-download it from steam.

    I will install REDUX again, so does anyone know how to get a real car pack to work with this mod?

    Any help is greatly appreciated


  • @Dunc1n First potential issues I see, is when you say " but after putting the rpf file into the game directory". Game directory? What is the name of the rpf? If it follows a naming convention such as x64a, x64b, x64c, etc, then it should NOT overwrite the vanilla equivalent or it will corrupt the archive. There are also rpfs that go inside the major ones, i.e., x64a and so on. If that is the case, then that rpf would not go in the game directory, you would need openIV to put it in it's proper location. Also, you need a mods folder. You create a folder named mods - in your root directory - and then copy all vanilla rpfs, including update.rpf, inside the mods folder, and then you use openiv to install all modifications into the mods folder - this will prevent corruption of the vanilla rpfs, and also make troubleshooting much easier in the event future issues should arise.

    This link provides an easy-to-follow procedure for usage of the mods folder - http://openiv.com/?p=1132

    Also, Redux is really bad. Ditch that, and use this - https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/damned-n-hancer-graphics, and make sure to use his enclosed bonus reshade. I have tried many of these graphic-enhancers, and this one is top-notch IMHO. Make sure to use all of this guy's mods as well - it will pretty up your game even more -


    Don't forget RDE - that mod cannot be lived without IMHO.

  • Also this "mega realistic car pack" can be causing issues. I've seen many people download it after seeing on YT. IMO it's another stolen mod "pack", just like Redux.

    Also why remove swearing? This is Grand Theft Auto, it's not supposed to be "nice".

  • Thanks for your response guys.

    So does this graphic enhancer, replace all the fake brands with real ones like REDUX does? And does it change the driving and peds mechanics like REDUX too? Or is just a graphics enhancer?

    The no swear mod, just has a single file called S_MISC.rpf.
    When I put this file into the game directory, OR the mods directory (always using Windows explorer), the game just fails to start.

    All the tutorials I have seen on modding gta v, looks very simple. Just drag and drop files, but it just never works for me.

    Also, what is the RDE mod that you say you should always have?

    Thanks again

  • @Dunc1n First of all delete your mods folder and any other mods installed. Then check if your game works. If yes do the following:

    1. Make sure you have installed the asi loader and openiv.asi through OpenIV. If you don't know how to do it, check on YouTube.

    2. Make sure you have ScripthookV installed for your version of GTA V.

    3. Next delete redux from your downloads. Tbh it's one of the most overhyped mod for GTA V. Take a look at this website made by @kairu


    It lets you compare different graphics mods. I highly recommend using Natural Vision Remastered by Razed:

    I bet you will have a nice experience with it.

    1. Never ever install car packs or and other major oiv installer. They have high chances of crashing your game. Always make sure to check the comments for any crash reports.

    2. Always make sure to install to the mods folder. It prevents you from screwing up the original game files.

    3. Always (most people don't do this properly) read the readme file that comes with the mod completely.

    4. For the real ads and stuff, I recommend you use LA billboards by GanjaHouse. Make sure to download the addon version of it which is in the description:

    I also recommend these mods for a better experience:


    Have fun!

  • Csn i use these graphic enhancers with vorpx and oculus?


  • @Dunc1n First Redux uses it's own reshade and ENB - this is what will conflict with the vorpx. Any enhancer that relies on either enb or reshade will conflict. The good news is that Damned n Hancer Graphic does NOT rely on the reshade to function.

    Redux is a culmination of multiple mods made by other authors, and thus has a real potential for conflicts as you start piling on the mods. If you are patient, you can create a way better experience by building up the right collection of mods over time. You start by going page by page in the Misc category - this is where I accumulated all the mods that alter textures and game-play mechanics. Then I focus on scripts, then I work on replacing vehicles with real-World counterparts, but you have to be selective with your choices as many vehicle replacements have way too many polygons, and when spawned naturally in-game can effect performance - especially if used with a gameconfig that drastically increases vehicular traffic as I do. The more power your PC has, the more you can do.

    RDE is real dispatch enhanced BTW. Redux also only does a few real-life things. To get every brand converted to real-life counterparts you will need all my mods - skip the mega-pack though, because I couldn't fit all my mods in it due to size constraints for uploads.

    RDE :


    Real Ca Architecture:


    All my mods that change phony brands to real-life:


  • @eshenk ahhh ok I see, thanks for that.

    Is it possible to have 2 copies of the game running? One copy to "test" out lots of different mods, and one copy where I only keep the good ones that I wish to keep?
    I want to keep a semi clean version, so I don't have to download the game from steam (as I've already redownloaded and installed 4 times).

    I've also noticed something.
    I was testing out mods for the rift on GTA 5, then I went to play the game on the tv, and it would only play it in a square window in my desktop!? Even when I messed around with the resolution, it still wouldn't got to full screen!?!?
    So I deleted and reinstalled, but I am still getting the same thing when I start a clean version!?!?!?
    Any ideas how I solve this?

    Thanks again

  • @Dunc1n You can have two copies. You simply would need to create a shortcut to desktop of your second gtav.exe, and just name it backup GTAV or Vanilla GTAV so you can make a distinction between it, and the one you use for modding. Regarding full-screen, in the in-game settings there are three options right above where you change resolution - full screen, windowed mode, and full-screen windowed mode. If this is already set properly, then it must be a setting in the VR software somewhere that needs to be set. If not obvious, google it.

  • @eshenk thanks again mate. I'll do that with the 2 copies. It's from steam though, so will that not make it a bit harder to do? As steam will always look for the copy in the steam folder?

    As for the full screen, I tried changing from windowed to full screen, but it doesn't make the game full screen, it just gives me huge black borders around the game.
    It's doing it on a clean install?!?! WTF!!! It's driving me nuts!!!
    What could it possibly be?!

  • @Dunc1n I told you before that there has to be a setting within the VR software itself that needs adjusting. I do not use such software, but if it didn't come with a manual then I would google it. The second copy is a shortcut, click steam when playing modded, and the shortcut for vanilla - but you really don't need to do this when using a mods folder, as it simply mirrors the vanilla content.

  • @eshenk so do i just need to copy my GTA 5 folder from my steam directory to a different directory and that will give me 2 copies?

    I figured out the small screen thing.
    It's actually steams fault, steam keeps thinking I am in VR mode and launches all games in vr mode!
    Now I just need to figure out, how to turn that setting off.
    Where are each games launch options within steam?


  • @eshenk just looking at the damned n Hancer mod and it requires reshaders too!!
    Also, how do you install the mod properly? All the guides are outdated! It tells me to click on "rebuild" once I have put the files into the correct place, but openiv doesn't have a "rebuild" button now!?!?!
    How do I know if my mod has installed correctly once I launch the game?
    REDUX was easy, because it had an installer, and and you seen it load up on start up!

    Please help me here, I'm at my wits end!!!!


  • @Dunc1n Try Natural Vision Remastered: https://nl.gta5-mods.com/misc/naturalvision-photorealistic-gtav

    It's waayyy better

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