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Suggestion about script addons.

  • I was thinking maybe in the zip or rar folders anyone who has a script addon should have them in a "scripts" folder next to the readme to avoid confusion. Just a small thing but it would avoid confusion. Thoughts?

  • I'm not confused, are you?

    DLL & CS in scripts folder
    ASI in root folder

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    @ReNNie According to the audience here, even that is too confusing...sad isn't it? LOL...

  • @Pedge People still can't get mods to install even when mods have readmes.

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    @AHK1221 snaps fingers You just gave me a brilliant idea! I will start my own business, where I will do ANY mod installation for them for a fee. For 500 dollars, I will install any mod of your choice!!

  • @eshenk is that including travel fees? For the time being, just help out the users who are genuinely trying to investigate their own issues and whishes ;)

  • If someone made some scripts and didn't tell they are either for SHVDN or RPH, I would get confused.
    But I don't get confused as long as script modders tell what script hook their scripts are for (and tell how to install scripts if they are so complex to install).

  • Yesterday it occurred to me for the second time that someone asked "how to download" (also note the highly sophisticated wording and punctuation /sarcasm) and he even asked for a tutorial video! What??? A video that shows how to click that huge green button, labeled DOWNLOAD? Well maybe those people don't even know the difference between "download" and "install". Anyway, all of my mods come with a detailed guide which explains everything. I will not support the laziness of the users and if they suffer dyslexia they should get professional help.

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    @Cyron43 said in Suggestion about script addons.:

    What??? A video that shows how to click that huge green button, labeled DOWNLOAD?

    Every time you think they just can't get any more stupid, they manage to find a way to outdo themselves, LOL...

  • @ReNNie Not confused but some ppl do ask "How to install? Me know get where folder is put."

  • Now I'm consufed

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    @ReNNie lMAO ^^^^^^^^^!!

  • Here is the full "conversation". Enjoy. xD

    alt text

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    @Cyron43 BS! I REFUSE to believe that crickets ended the conversation!!

  • @eshenk seenpaaaaaaaaai, Tell me How replace NPC!!!!Please!!!!

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