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Pause Then Freecam Tool Pleeeeeeese..

  • Can somebody please please make a tool that actually pauses the game completely and then we can move the camera and take unbelievable screenshots?
    So many games like mirrors edge, dragon age, skyrim's inbuilt console can do this. So many have this tools expect for GTA5
    We really need a proper cinematic tool please.
    All I found a normal screenshoter which can pause but camera can't be moved after pause.. and I'm looking for this for ages

    So many talented people here.. So many modders. This game.. This beautiful game requires a beautiful Cinematic Tool.

    A screenshoter like me.. I beg for this kinda stuff..

  • Rockstar editor lol

  • @jedijosh920 Hi Josh.. I already used your script. The problem is like I said. I cannot pause and then move the camera with your script. Plus your slow motion option didn't work for a lot of people including me.
    Can you please please make an update so we can pause the game and then move the camera around. I swear its just what's missing always. :(
    It would really solve the hasle going into rockstar editor and then reloading the story mode again.

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