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Combining all handling.meta files into file

  • is there a way to combine all handling.meta files into one easy to mod file for all cars planes trucks dlc...ie everything? has anyone already done this? if so point me in the right direction so i may partake of this, please and thank you.

  • @defiant Killatomate's Realistic Driving mod does exactly that and it works well. The handling.meta in mods/update/update.rpf/common/data has the highest priority over any other handling.meta.


    Note that @Killatomate hasn't touched the planes and helicopters, but you can paste other handling mods into the main handling.meta without problems, as long as you don't mess up the XML.

  • thank you much...at work but will check it out.

  • isn't the file Killatomate's Realistic Driving mod an "altered" handling.meta file? i was looking for a vanilla version without any changes. too bad there isn't a program to easily merge handling files.

  • @defiant I just referred to Killatomate's mod to show you how it's done and as a proof of concept. That means in specific: Add all vehicle handling items you want into your vanilla handling.meta at mods/update/update.rpf/common/data because this one has the highest priority over all other handling.meta files.
    Pro tip: Get notepad++ for better readability as it has syntax highlighting, collapsible areas and other neat features for developers.

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