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Openiv with 2 copies of GTA

  • Hi guys,

    I am running 2 copies of GTA 5 on my system. One purely for VR mods and playing in VR, and the other version for graphical mods (and other mods to test), which will be played on the tv.

    I obviously have 2 directories, so my question is, how do i use openiv for 2 copies? As openiv asks for the ONE gta directory when I install it.
    How do I swap the directories back and forth to add sesperate mods in each directory?


  • @Dunc1n I wonder how it's even possible to run 2 copies on the same system w/o registry conflicts.
    Anyway, if your HD is big enough you could install a virtual machine (free edition of virtual box) and install a 2nd instance of GTA V and a 2nd instance of OpenIV on the virtual machine. Note: A virtual machine needs also a complete OS (here Windows) installation. So make sure you provide enough space.

  • Virtual machines is a bad route for this.
    Would my pc not slow down cuz it's running the pc AND the virtual pc?

  • Ok so I solved my 2 copies of GTA problem...

    I have 2 copies within the steam folder, one called GTA TV, and the other GTA VR.
    Each folder has their own mods in them, one of them has various enhancers to look nice on the tv, and the other has the mods so it can be played in VR.

    Now when steam tries to load up the game, it looks for the real GTA V folder (which doesn't exist in my folders), and when it can't find it, it tries to reinstall it.

    So what I done was wrote some small batch files.
    If I want to play in VR, I run the script which renames the GTA VR folder into the proper name which steam looks for. Then the game runs fine.
    I do exactly the same if I want to play it on tv, except the other script renames the GTA TV folder!

    So now, I have 2 different versions of GTA V. A tv version and a VR version, and I can play either one without any messing about!
    Cloud saves means that I can swap between versions but keeping the same place in the game.

    Hope this helps anyone out there that has been struggling with something like this.


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