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Looking to have added police vehicles spawn in response

  • So I used...I can't remember who made it right now, but the IV Cars pack which added several various police vehicles. Is there a way to add these models to the spawn list for star response? I.e. have the different cruisers appear at 1 and 2 stars, bring in the Presidante and FIB cars at 3, LSPD stockade and NOOSE cruisers at 4, NOOSE Stockade and Annihilator at 5? Preferably without replacing existing models.


    Go and extract dispatch.meta inside mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/ and investigate it thoroughly to grasp its logic :) Then replace the models you mentioned in the specific sections starting from <Name>POLICE_CAR</Name>. This will make the cops that dispatch drive the models you want.

    Then in a decrypted popgroups.ymt found in Southern San Andreas Exotic Traffic V15.0 - Vanillaworks + Smuggler's Run Planes » and to be placed inside mods/update/update.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/ in the specific sections starting from <Name>VEH_COPCAR</Name> you also add those models so the cops are patrolling the streets in these models too.

    Easy peasy :metal_tone2:

  • Thanks. I found where it decides what vehicles to spawn. If I simply add another line like so


    That should allow two kinds of vehicles to spawn, correct?

    Also, the IV Mod pack (found the link by the way) already has spawning abilities - I've seen both the added IV vehicles (i.e. old Sabers and Steeds) as well as online vehicles (like the Bestia and Nero) spawn in traffic. I take it there's a similar method to use that spawning instead of redownloading the VW mod?

  • @axslayer33 I think you will also need an entry in popgroups as well - it is the file responsible for deciding what peds and vehicles will spawn in-game.

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