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[VEHICLE] Regalia type-F from Final Fantasy XV

  • Can anyone create Regalia type-F for GTA V?, it looks amazing in FF XV and in GTA V would looks even better.
    I know it's asking too much, to put the icing on the cake it would looks awesome with the transformation animation.
    I leave the idea in case someone is interested in carrying it out.
    I have searched for 3d models to convert but I have not found them.
    Good luck if anyone tries.
    My sincere gratitude to whoever gets it!
    phase 1: alt text
    phase 2: alt text
    phase 3: alt text

  • @max74 if you have this car in your in any of the games installed on your harddrive i would love to make it. and i can make it if you have it on your harddrive.

    forza horizon 3 also got it do you have this car in forza horizon 3?

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    As I do not have the files or the game I'm asking on the internet if someone can give them to me.
    If I get them, I'll send them to you.
    Thank you for your interest in the project.

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