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Help with choosing a Ped replace default clothes and hair.

  • I chose a ped addon comes with a selection of hair and clothes to replace the bartender, only thing is she's not wearing the hair or outfit I liked best. Do I delete those files in the ytd? How does that work? Thanks.

  • Anyone have a clue? I don't wanna go and rip textures out, I know that will screw it up.

  • @Pedge Extract the vanilla textures to the desktop. Then manually delete the clothing textures you don't want your ped to wear, leaving only the clothing textures you want. If something doesn't go right, put vanilla textures back in the ytd. So easy a caveman could get it....not saying you are a caveman, LOL...

  • Ommgg mahhcko hagoo hah.

    Won't the fact the 3d files are still in the other files screw things up? I was using Menyoos spooner to change the outfit but I can't figure out how when I load the world to get the outfit to load also. I just the damn dumb shit girl to wear the clothes so I don't need the old butterface in the game.

    EDIT: It just kept here hair but made it with not texture and white. That;s what I mean, I cant just rip out the 3d files. :(

    Anything that lets me edit npcs and lets me save them in the world?

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