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[SCRIPT] "Permanently" Delete Objects/Props (For Rockstar Editor)

  • As a great a boon to both map editors and machinima creators alike, I am surprised this isn't a thing, especially with amazing mods like "Extended Video Exports" being produced. The community is constantly evolving, and far be it from me to understand the rate or direction, but it seems anachronistic that Menyoo and Map Editor can delete world objects, but they're pretty finicky about it, and deleted props inevitably appear in Rockstar's native editor regardless, sometimes with your "actor" (or newly placed props) passing through them like a ghostly apparition.

    Any attempt to produce such a mod, which fixes this problem, would be greatly appreciated.

    Come to think of it, why isn't there a "clipping" mod for the R* editor camera as well? If it's possible I'm surprised the OpenIV team didn't implement it when they made opencamera

  • I agree. Everytime I return to my scene all the damn street lights and other misc crap have been restored. Very frustrating having to redo these things everytime i want to see how the scene will look with them in their desired positions

  • @Ezazeal Yeah, sounds exactly like the kind of shit I'd like to avoid. I figured I wasn't alone. Now, if only I could get someone to agree to look into it.

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