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Idiots Guide To Modding GTA V...

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    Preview of contents:

    1.) Install GTA V

    2.) Install openIV

    3.) Make mods folder in root directory of game folder, and copy all vanilla rpfs into mods folder.

    4.) Install scripthookv and scripthookvdotnet

    5.) Make scripts folder in root directory, and copy any .dll-based scripts here

    6.) Copy any asi-based scripts to root directory

    7.) Read all included read-me files distributed with mod author's mods, and follow instructions.

    8.) Don't ask questions on the 5mods forums that are already answered in said read-me.

    End result:

    I am a multi-millionaire kicking it up in a high-end apartment in Los Santos!


    :metal_tone2: :metal_tone3: :metal_tone4:

    • include a specific command 'drag openiv.asi to root folder' (and then explain 'what is root?')
    • include the direct links to said prerequisites
    • where to stick .cs scripts?
    • link them the search function amd instruct to search with error name or question, changes are things have been asked and answered

  • @ReNNie I said "idiots guide" Rennie. If I add all the extras, then you will need to be a rocket scientist to grasp it all!!


    @eshenk I'm Grasping Myself Right Now!


    Dopeeee, Lit AF. weeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  • @eshenk eshenk-senpai, with these tips ca i replace a NPC?

  • @eshenk You see ^ ? It's hopeless.


    @Cyron43 said in Idiots Guide To Modding GTA V...:


    Hopeless is being in a forced labor camp in North-Korea
    This is just persevering in what we do and what we want to be as a community

  • Is this for ps3 hlp pls I not know how install with usb drive mom bought one and it not show up on ps3.

  • @Pedge lolllllllllll

  • fkkk you pPssl, I Get Nintendo Wiiu And Then I Get Mod, and then i haxxor you all in trainersss, caussse i seetubeyou and it show me hows

  • @Pedge lol such a shtz communtity so meny ppl doent teach meh how to do deh mod

  • @pedge @eshenk @messi3194 I can't read can one of you record it for me and send it as an audio file through the post ;)

  • ur all a bunc of faygots get tha fawk awff dis syt I'm gangsta og joke muhfawka I can mod unlyk all yall.

  • you noz not moddin cause I make mad modz on here I just dont linkitz cause I ruin my reps and I use vpsz so u cant trak my dawg

  • @krissboo said in Idiots Guide To Modding GTA V...:

    @pedge @eshenk @messi3194 I can't read can one of you record it for me and send it as an audio file through the post ;)

    no cauz youwan recard my shiz and make mods cauz i can spit like m&m skittle

  • How to download!

  • I need mod to cover bikini bgirl my momss mad when she see it she threaten to yank lapptop out of wall neeed sweater to cover taataas

  • Don't die on me now fuckers we're just getting started.

  • @Pedge you need this version bro

    alt text

  • Ok I got the best idiot one of all.


    "Sees an avatar from GTA of, for example, Tracey DeSanto"

    I like ur moding, you make guud car, that you in pic? you real gurl? send pm plese

  • @Pedge what you mean that isn't you in your avatar pic...oh was gonna ask you to pm me ;)

  • yous aint a chickk, if yous is yous gots a dick

  • @Pedge nah that's me on the bike there lol (pet hate is still not being able to change the avatar pic in the forum)

  • if you got a dick but look like chick stay on your stomach and i can dealio

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