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Bringing Mod Cars Online [GTAV] Help Please!

  • So I recently just got into modding and I've already tried out several mod menus and find them all enjoyable with their benefits each. Currently I've been wanting to bring cars to online that are real life versions like Lamborghini's and Ferrari's. I just installed my first car mod of a Gumpert Apollo and it had me hyped up for minutes at a time. I was about to join a friend on GTAV Online when the game gives me a message saying " You are attempting to enter Grand Theft Auto V online with an altered version of Grand Theft Auto. Return to Grand Theft Auto". I would only assume that I am not able to enter a game with the car but I have seen people bring them online before. Youtubers have done it and so has many others but I need to know if I'm doing anything wrong. Please the help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Discussions about online modding is prohibited.
    Even though you didn't try cheat, you'll probably get banned from Online.


    @CalamityXKiss7 Yup discussion about GTAV Online modding is not allowed on this website

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