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Addon car issue with right side driver

  • I have a solid method of installing addon cars. I've installed 22 in one DLC with no issues. Throughout my installations I've had issues with only 2 cars. Those 2 cars had right side driver seats. The Mazda RX-7 and Nissan Fairlady Z. When I spawn the car, I don't spawn in it. Once I try to get in the car, the game crashes.

    I'm assuming there's some error related to the cars not having left side driver seats. I've tried searching the forums, but I must be searching the wrong terms or something. Anyone able to help with this?


    @CrzBonKerz which RX-7?

    Closely inspect 2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A Series III (FD3S) [Add-On] v1.1 by VSoreny.
    You will find it has an extra meta (vehiclelayouts.meta) inside to include an extra layout setting, LAYOUT_LOW_RHD

    That's the setting I've thankfully used on many right-sided cars now.

    The reason you're CTD'ing is because of this. The game tries to call on a setting that is not loaded.
    It's basically the same CTD you get when you forget to include a custom handling in handling.meta yet do refer to it in vehicles.meta.

    Unlike when you include a <carname>_mods line in content.xml but forget to actually drag the <carname>_mods.rpf file inside the dlc.rpf.
    In which case, when loading the game states it's corrupted.

  • Huzzah! That fixed it for the RX-7. Thank you! Tried replicating the same layout reference for the Fairlady and running into issues.. I guess I may need to stack layouts for them to work in one DLC?


    @CrzBonKerz Try the reply-button so I'll notice you ;)

    Not necessary to include that vehiclelayouts.meta mutliple times!
    If you look inside the setup2.xml of any dlc.rpf you will find a sort_order value.
    This is the order in which dlcpacks are loaded.
    You'll want the dlcpack containing the LAYOUT_LOW_RHD to be loaded first.

    So keep track of those loading orders and start at 50 or 60 (which gives headroom for future R* updates).
    And give the dlcpack containing the LAYOUT_LOW_RHD sort_order value 61.
    Then work up from there number-wise.
    Had the eaxct same issue where I couldn't get below models to use RHD properly... but all NISSAN cars worked fine?
    Then it dawned on me ;) These dlcpacks were loaded before my MAZDA dlcpack was loaded into the game...




  • @ReNNie can i use it for replace methode. Not addon car

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