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Sharing tips to improve in-game performance...

  • You have this mod - https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/real-billboard-werbeplakate-all-hafi ? I use this mod to cover all the other billboards not done by @GanjaHouse with his mod here - https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/real-posters-graffiti-and-tags-for-la

    I have bad and good news for you. What I discovered with @All Hafi mod, is that NONE of his textures included mip-maps, NONE of them! The purpose of mip-maps is to produce a smaller resolution equivalent as we move further away from said texture. It get's worse - I also found that MANY a vehicle modder also have not included mip-maps for their textures as well. So now I have billboards all over the map without mip-maps, and all my vehicle replacements are spawned in at a rate 1000-1500% above vanilla traffic densities WITHOUT any mip-maps!

    The good news is we can fix this, although time-consuming and tedious, we can vastly improve performance none the less.

    With openIV, go through each texture that was replaced between billboards and vehicles, click properties, and select mip-maps, and make it like so; 2k textures 10 mip-maps, 1k 9 mip-maps, 512 8 mip-maps, 256 7 mip-maps. It's a lot to do, yes, but you will be happy to have spent the time, once you see how much better your game performs when it's all done!


    Maybe rename to OpenIV tips and tricks on textures?

    LeeC has described what MipMaps do an how they affect game-performance quite well. And there's plenty on Google.
    Maybe also include here your own DDS preview trick?

    Btw, same trick goes for R8G8B8... sometimes it feels like vehicle mod authors simply use it to blow up the YTD to make their car more spectacularrrrrr When in all, not every texture needs accurate black/grey values -that- much... things like dials, tires, carbon and similar meshes ayye but a normal map, or even a logo nayye

  • @ReNNie Just read Lee's reply regarding mip-maps. Missing Lee a lot lately - he was like a sensei to this web site here, bringing us pearls of wisdom like no other.

  • @eshenk Just saying, his mods are available and are updated in his own site.


    @eshenk said in Sharing tips to improve in-game performance...:

    Missing Lee a lot lately

    You and me both. The man's a winner :trophy:

  • @V4D3R I am aware, but unless he is doing anything new, there is no reason for me to visit, as I have stopped allowing R* updates at version 1.944.1 LOL.

  • @eshenk He was working on a hillclimb mod with Tobsicred I think.

  • @V4D3R I will be on the look out for it, just in case it turns out to be something of interest to me. Thanks for the head's up.

  • Lol, that "Al Hafi" pack is horrible, besides Your mentioned aspects, its textures are stretched out (as with beginners texture mods) and there are a lot of strange random pictures, called as "ads". I mean, there are random girls asses on some of the biggest posters on the buildings, very illogical...

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