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Car Replacment mods not working

  • Hello I am having trouble getting replace mods to work. I have tried two now and bot are doing the same thing, the car spawns in as normal but it is showing as the modded car in the yft files. Below is one of the mods in particular. Thank you


  • @godbmxes There must be a newer, updated model in the later patchday DLCs. Try putting the model files into patchday16ng, don't worry even if a vanilla model isn't in it, it'll work.

  • @V4D3R I just put them into patchday16ng with no luck, try changing the name?

  • @godbmxes What happens when you put them in vehicles.rpf in patchday16ng? Also what's the vanilla vehicle's name you are trying to replace?

  • @V4D3R It replaces the blista, and when I place them in patch day 16 and attempt to spanw the blista it just spawns the vanilla blista. I tried to delete the blista out of patch day 1ng and just have it in 16 but is still spawning the stock blista. Also seeing another odd issue that relates to this as I added the camber wheels pack and none of them are working either

  • Any ideas?

  • @godbmxes I just downloaded it and put it in patchday16ng, and when I spawned the blista, the Golf appeared.

  • @V4D3R Hmm, could I have messed something up? I will go in today and put the stock Blista in day1 and the golf in day 3

  • I mad sure that I had the stock Blista in day 1 and then I have the modded one in day 16 and it is still spawning the normal blista. What version are you on?

  • Are you using the mods folder?

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