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Getting collisions to work

  • I have several times asked about collisions in several enviroments, this is now just a retry:

    I have a mod, which collision model is very faulty:

    • You can walk through doors
    • At the same time, glass is breakable!
    • If I climb on the car, I fall through everywhere
    • As far as I understood, only windows and bumpers have "some kind of collision"

    Car is built on ORACLE2 and uses ORACLE2 collision model as well. I have 2 almost identical mods(Yes, they are my ALPINAS), which are both built on ORACLE2.

    • Mod #1 collision works ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY
    • Mod #2 collision is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE

    Both mods are almost identical in size and I haven´t configured collision models, because both mods are in same scale and on the first mod, collision are perfect (why should I need to configure on second mod if on the first it is working beautifully?)

    Yesterday, I opened Mod#2 (the problematic one) and imported SCHAFTER4 collision model. I replaced all the problematic collision (bumper_f[COL], boot[COL], door_dside_f[COL] and other doors, bumpers + chassis [COL] as well. When I entered the game, car spawned, as always, BUT THERE WERE ZERO EFFECTS. Collisions are IDENTICALLY SAME, as earlier.

    What does it mean? After replacing collisions, my new collision model looks 100% more convex and is very much more beautiful/lined up than earlier, but somehow there are ZERO effects in game. All the bugs remained.

    I am totally hopeless with collisions already, I have tried getting help in:

    • Discord
    • Forum
    • ZM3

    Nobody seems to know nothing about collisions(with maybe the exception of Kahn)? Maybe few hints?

    BIG THANK YOU IN ADVANCE, this is killing me already...

  • I don't think col files have been made editable yet once in GTA V's formats. Someone back me up here as I have been out of the loop for a bit.

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