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L.A Roads, and billboards

  • Hi guys,

    I am really struggling with this L.A. Roads and L.A. Billboards mods.
    I have been through loads of tutorials on YouTube, but the billboards still don't change!
    The install instructions from author is a joke too, they explain nothing.
    The 3.5 version came with an automatic installer, but I can't get that now! All the time I click on the 3.5 download, it just takes me to the 3.6 download!!!

    So I know for sure that my L.A. Billboards does not work, so now I'm dubious about my L.A. Roads working properly! I can't tell if they have worked or not!
    I'm thinking of just installing REDUX again as at least it's an auto installer and I know that it installs and works correctly.

    The only thing about REDUX is that I don't like the driving controls. Is there anyway that I can remove the driving controls?

    OR if anyone can help me on my L.A. Billboards and roads, then that would be great


  • @Dunc1n Why do you need to use redux ? try without . L.A Roads, and billboards work together like a charm for everybody you just need to write 3 lines in dlclist.xml with openiv ( make sure you have copy
    and make sure it's "<Item>dlcpacks:" and not "<Item>platform:"
    use also a custom gameconfig.xml , there are a lot available here

  • That's exactly what I've done, but still no joy!

  • @Dunc1n I can't help you, if you use this with with redux that's maybe why it's not working. you have to try this with a clean game. Also check OpenIv.log you'll see if it's loading dlc's .. maybe put a picture of your dlclist.xml , most of time it's a little mistake that you didn't saw yet

  • @cgz Im not using REDUX at the moment. I WAS using REDUX, but then I reinstalled a clean version, to try out some other mods.

    My dlclist is fine. I have took a screenshot to show you but I dont know how to add a pic to these messages! Ha!

    Also, how do I check Openiv.log to check to see if its loading DLC?


  • @Dunc1n open it with notepad you'll see something like this :
    20/09/2017 22:25:29.189 [3852] TRACE: [fiDeviceLocal::getFileAttr] 'mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/la_roads/dlc.rpf' {M}
    20/09/2017 22:25:29.189 [3852] TRACE: [fiDeviceLocal::getFileAttr] 'mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/la_roads/dlc.rpf' {M}
    20/09/2017 22:25:29.189 [3852] TRACE: [fiDeviceLocal::getFileAttr] 'mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/LA_Billboard_P1/dlc.rpf' {M}
    20/09/2017 22:25:29.189 [3852] TRACE: [fiDeviceLocal::getFileAttr] 'mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/LA_Billboard_P1/dlc.rpf' {M}
    20/09/2017 22:25:29.189 [3852] TRACE: [fiDeviceLocal::getFileAttr] 'mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/LA_Billboard_P2/dlc.rpf' {M}
    20/09/2017 22:25:29.189 [3852] TRACE: [fiDeviceLocal::getFileAttr] 'mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/LA_Billboard_P2/dlc.rpf' {M}

    If it's not here I guess it's a dlclist.xml error . Btw have you try some other gameconfig ?

  • @cgz But how do i even get to the .log file? I can't find an option to open a log file on openiv.

    I looked at the game config files, but there are loads to choose From, and I don't know which one to use. Which one would you suggest?

    Thanks for all this help by the way


  • @Dunc1n You can see OpenIv.log in your GrandtheftAutoV Folder
    For the gameconfig file you can try all the last one updated one by one if it's nt working , it's fast to replace in openIV.
    Your welcome [:

  • @cgz I don't have that file in my main folder?! I have the steam version, should the steam version still have it?


  • @Dunc1n If you don't have it I guess you don't have OpenIV.asi in your main folder .
    You can install it in OpenIv like above , remember to use the last update of ScriptHookV too.
    alt text

  • @cgz I have openIV.asi in my folder, but I dont have openIV.log anywhere on my computer.
    I tried to open openIV.asi with notepad, but it was just jumbled up characters!?

    Ive got all that stuff done, and I can get some of my mods working but not these LA Roads and LA billboards to work! VERY frustrating.

    Does the log file tell you which mods are loaded up?
    I need to access this file.
    Please help me locate it.


  • @Dunc1n Can you copy/paste your dlclist.xml ?

  • Ok found the OpenIV.log file (it was in OpenIV, and I was looking for it in windows explorer) and the LA Roads and LA Billboards ARE loading up, but all the posters and billboards that I can see are just the default phoney ones?!

    Is this the only way to check which mods have loaded up?

    here is my dlclist anyway...

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



  • @Dunc1n You did something wrong then. Install both again. When you go to tools in openIV and select the oiv installers for each mod, it will ask if you want to install in your mods folder. Say yes. Make SURE you can see your mods folder in openIV, and that within the mods folder you can see all the rpfs x64a.rpf and so on on, and also the update folder. If you don't see that, then it pretty much a no-brainer on why you still see the vanilla billboards in-game, LOL....

  • @eshenk I'm not using a MODS folder mate. I'm just over writing the original files.
    The reason I am doing this is to save space, as I have 2 versions of the game that I play. 1 copy to play in VR mode (it only has minimal VR mods so it runs in VR), and 1 copy to play in tv mode with all the mods.
    So as you can imagine, this takes up a lot of space, and having a MODS folder, would just take up even more space!
    I also have a clean version on my second drive so I can start from scratch if I like.

    I didn't think that this would cause an issue, as my other mods are working fine?!
    Would this be the root of my problem?


  • @Dunc1n Try to move the 3 dlc lines at the bottom we never knows ,
    also using a mod folder is still the best way, or when you'll have to update the game you'll loose everything , not only update.rpf

    Try on your clean install , you don't need an automatic installer to install dlcs, you only have to copy LA_ROADS ; LA_Billboard_P1 x 2 and update.rpf in your mod folder (following the same path) , edit dlclist like you did above and replace the vanilla gameconfig. That's all

  • Yeah but then I'll have to install all my other mods too won't I?

  • @Dunc1n "@eshenk I'm not using a MODS folder mate. I'm just over writing the original files."

    Someday you will pay the price for this, when you go to load the game up and it CTDs on you. The point of the mods folder is to protect your vanilla assets against corruption. Sooner than later, I will hear your screams all the way from Great Britain, LOL...

  • @eshenk haha, you are probably right, but I do have a clean version tucked away on another drive incase that does happen.

    On another note, was wanting to install your real life brands stuff, but I don't know how to install them as a few of your stuff has loads of update folders (update 1.2, update 1.3 etc etc). What do I do with all these different update folders?! Do I need them all?


  • @Dunc1n I don't think you need then all. They're probably incase you don't like a newer version, so you can use the last one.

  • @Dunc1n Yes, you need to get them all because each update found new textures I didn't know about before.

  • @eshenk can you do a noob a HUGE favour, and explain how to install all these update folders please. I don't know where to put all the different update folders.
    It would be much appreciated mate.

    Oh, by the way, roads and billboards ARE working. I was just looking at thè wrong billboard (the one outside Franklin's house at the beginning ). Once I actually got into the main area, I noticed the real billboards.


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