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How do i convert .dff and .txd to .yft and .ytd

  • I want to convert a model from vice city how do I do that?

  • @DavidFliesPlanes there is no such thing as converting. its called rigging a model. first you import it into zmodeler 2 then you save it as z3d
    then you open this z3d with a newer programme called zmodeler 3 and then in zmodeler 3 you start rigging the model. i hoe this helps. will take you over 1 month to figure out how to properly rig a model . if you are same level IQ as me. if you are smarter less time . Good luck. it took me 1 month to figure it out. when i first started. but my convert was not from san andreas or gta iv. it was from a max file of 3dsmax 2012

  • @FoxtrotDelta will i only need the Zmods'?
    Also i'm not gonna polish it, just put it into Gta directly.
    Btw i'm talking about the Hunter Classic ;)

  • @DavidFliesPlanes its not aboutbpolishing u need zmodeler 2 and 3 and then its a must to spend atleast 40 hours to rig the model for gts 5. If u dont rig a model it cant go into gta 5 lol.

    And it takes me 40 hours since i know how to use everything and i know the values to input and i know what goes where and the structure. It would truely take u 1 month to figure out , and get it into gta 5 on ir own. If u have same iq as me. If u are better u might do it faster ;)

    Note i had no one to guide me and zero turorials on youtube etc, now things have changed there are many tutorials ans ppl who can guide u. Including me myself

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