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Redux Crashes with trainer

  • Hi guys. I have a wired problem with redux crashes on loading screen when I install any trainer like simple trainer,enhance native trainer,menyoo trainer stuff like that.I just saw redux original preset works with trainer but other preset won't. Other preset looks to colourful and nice. Is there any way to works trainer except redux original preset. I wanted to use with Redux Ultra V2 and POV style.

    Please Help..... Thanks


    @Sabbir-Ahamed-Maruf No. I'm sorry but you'd best contact Josh Romito directly with your questions.

    In all truth, Redux is being severely frowned upon by most here as this so-called "author" is nothing more than a thief using other people's work to his own mere gain and glory.

  • So many Redux users lately.

    Redux is just a bunch of Reshade presets and textures, trainers has nothing to do with it. It might be something else crashing your game.


    @Sabbir-Ahamed-Maruf Get rid of redux

  • Redux sucks.

  • @Gta5KoRn Yeah... but can anyone tell me what mod he ripped off for the weapon's audio? My early exposure to mods was with Redux and I'd really like to install that file at least. Wouldn't necessarily mind the AI behavior that makes everyone drop like a sack of potatoes when shot either. Much more realistic looking than all the flailing.

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