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Automatically folding mirrors?

  • Why hasn't this been on the table before? Would it be possible to make car mirror's fold automatically like they do on various cars in real life nowadays, it should work by the same principle like automatic spoiler already works ?


    And/or the scissor doors method in terms of pivet point?

    You could even explore if it can work via a script as @ikt 's Working Blower .cs script
    So that when the driver gets out (and the engine turns off) the mirrors fold in automagically?

  • Wipers mod used rear doors, didnt it? Well, if to move the rear doors dummies into the place of mirrors (instead of wipers) and configure new rotations (the rotation on XZ axis must be inverted between them?), then in theory, I would not understand, why anybody hasn´t done it, yet :P

    Basically, when the engine starts, script closes/opens rear doors and when engine stops, reversed action takes place...

    I would rig that feature right away onto my Alpinas, when such mod existed...

  • @TobsiCred I remembered reading about wipers mod, but I haven´t tried it myself. I thought, that it would all-in-all need additional script (to "mute" sounds and stuff), such effects could happen, if You use doors as mirrors without script.

    In the end of the day, I again remember, that Wipers mod disabled rear doors, didn´t it? I did not find info atm (I am at work), that is how I logically thought it was doors being used as wipers...

  • @Alekseyys its very possible even without a script, but with script it would be much more easier. It has never been requested to me before but i tested it today and it works easy peasy :P

  • Not sure if it's possible. Most cars have their mirrors in doors. To make the mirrors move, you probably have to use unused door bones to make them rotate.

    And well... Doors in doors don't work very well. The child door sometimes glitches out when the parent door is opened. At least that's the case in planes.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak yea if u put doors within doors, but i tested non door dummy, works without a problem. I might imoliment it in an up coming release.

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