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need some help W/ mod menu files/ tutorials

  • hello,

    i would like to make my own personal mod menu
    so i can organize them myself because i find most of them anoying

    ive got my laptop for a week now and ive got my game full of mods like addons and stuff so i know how that all works

    i found this topic but it didnt state what program i should use and i how i can acces these files

    link text

    i used to make GTA 4 mods for xbox 360 (DSE V3.5) but that has been a while ago so idk how things go now in the GTA modding world

    im looking for some tutorials how to..
    get files and stuff
    how to start,

    if someone could point me in the right directions that would be great!!

    (if someone has a open source menu i would really appriciate it because then i dont have to make it all and just reorder everything)

    thanks for the comming support!!

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