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game inprovement idea police/LSPDFR

  • So GTA5 right now is a good game grater game with mods after playing I notest something not a lot of people talk about.When playing there are AI police pursuit events to keep the game lively
    but I also noticed every event they are shoot to kill even when the person surrenders this includes the player.
    I think a mod that makes it to where the cops don't always shoot the AI drivers this will also help in LSPDFR.

    Thangs to implement.
    Makes it more about strategy than it is about destruction. Rather than attempting to ram your car off the road, and start shooting at you for failing to pull over, officers should be more strategic in how they stop you.
    2 star wanted levels should not be a deadly force situation unless person draws a gun or tries to kill an officer or others with a weapon.
    when the person finally gives up police should not kill the AI/player instead try to arrest them.
    LSPDFR implementation when you arrest the subject or get the subject to sop AI police don't start shooting the surrendering person

  • doesn't fully do what I would like and my game won't load when I install it

  • @princegaz It's currently not updated to the latest version of the game so you got to wait

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