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Mods & Cpu/Gpu Utilization Question

  • Before discussion: my old Dusty PC Specs

    Dell T3500.
    Xeon W3670 6 cores/12 threads 3.2ghz - "3.46ghz" turbo & HT on
    12GB ram 1333 ecc unbuffered running in 1066 mode Cpu max ram speed
    Asus Dual GTX 1060 6GB "OC" - gpu-z says it's the oc model....
    Hitachi Ultrastar 2TB 7200 rpm hdd
    1360x768 HDTV on "1080p"

    Now on to my topic: I suffer from Cpu usage drops across the board, With Certain mods which in return drops my fps from playable to tossing my monitor/TV out The Nearest window.

    Fps and usage with normal mods my fps cap is 70, Cause i use Fast sync with GTA V it's smoother than normal V sync to me.
    Running msi Afterburner
    MY Default mods Crime and punishment and small net and lua High settings
    FPS = 58 - 70 usually around 67 : cpu usage 40% - 68% with HT on : gpu usage around 60 - 95% depending on whats going on
    FPS = 64 - 70 usually at 70 : Cpu usage 68% - 89% with a random spikes to 97% : Gpu usage is almost the same. spikes to 99% periodically
    Game is mostly smooth to my eyes.

    Extra gameplay mods SPA, bank robbery mods etc. High Settings.
    FPS = 48 - 55 Cpu usage 22% - 40% ht on : gpu usage 60% - 78% spikes to 99% periodically
    FPS = 50 - 59 Cpu usage 20% - 35% HT off : gpu usage exactly the same as above.

    You'd Think usage would increase :violin:

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