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There is a sad trend with abandoned mods.

  • I am seeing this constantly now. Authors of mods that are broken will simply not answer or acknowledge of fear that admitting will be encouraged to update or remove them. Hence fix or they lose their "mod count".
    Yes, some have simply vanished but I know some are still at the scene but will not answer. You know who they are.
    Answer to people, or remove the mod. I know people have lives, but if your refusal to delist broken ones persist, you are only devaluing yourselves. It makes a bad reputation.
    Just my thoughts, I mean no ill will to the talented people who made them start. But it takes upkeep also.

  • @Pedge dude there some modders that leaves their mods unlocked so you can fix them, I don't think they should be removed. The ones that are locked is a different story.

  • Then you got authors who lock mod conversions they ripped from other games and abandon them and never upload unlocked versions and ignore players....those guys are douchbags

  • @v8charger222 Most are all locked, I barely see open source, it's a lot of crybaby jealousy and fighting.

  • I agree. It's real annoying how unique mods are abandoned and unoriginal mods are not.


    List a few.

  • NO I am NOT listing them and starting a trollfest. Those of us who enjoy script mods know them.

  • @Pedge I enjoy script mods, but don't know these abandoned mods? I think ikt enjoys script mods too, since he's made a few.
    Also if you listed a few of them they could be updated by others (I've done this with a few .NET mods), or the mod page could be edited by moderators so that it states that the mod is broken/outdated.

  • Ok can you start a moderated thread called "Abandoned or broken mods" and we can list them as we see fit and work from there? Remember I am also going to add as I see ones that are broken that still have active authors. I don't want rage at me over it. And I don't want rage at people who want to pick them up and try to fix them even if the author is still around and just letting them sit in the breeze.

  • Thanks bookmarked and will get onto this. Got paintwork to do this morning. ;)

  • I have never given any thoughts about abandoned mods where the creators have disappeared for whatever reason. What drives me up the wall is script developers who quickly throw something to the public which is bugged but they never care to fix the issues as they are busy throwing their next creation to us. It's quite remarkable that the two developers I have in mind, are well known.

  • I know exactly what you mean. I think we all know.

  • I've got a HUGE list of abandoned mods I'd like to add to the list. As long as it's taken seriously and action taken. I don't feel the need to waste my time.

    I agree with Pedge on this topic %100. It's frustrating that Authors don't respond. As mentioned yeah people do have lives to live. I get that. However when you(the Author) develop a mod and post it on the site, you are pretty much committing yourself to maintain and update the mod for others to enjoy. My opinion.

    There are some mods that had definite potential. I wish that they weren't abandoned, with will be included in my list on the provided link.


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