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  • help please, when adding a car to GTA, the game crashes, hangs the story mode. when I delete one of the cars, the game works. this is a license. what is the reason?


    @BeSUA777 Did you use a custom gameconfig.xml? If not, follow my profile and read up on how to mod V by reading threads by forum members who took the time the explain everything.

  • @ReNNie Thank you mister) But I have 2 problems))))

    1. When I adding the new car into a update\dlcpacks. some car works in the game, but when I want to add more cars, my SP mode is crashes(((( And I need to dalete one of the some car in folder, and game still works againe.

    2 Next problem, is when I wanted to replace the car.. BUT when I replaced the files in openIV, and start the game, the game started upload the files from NET, and when I enter the game, my car does not replaced((((

    I'm realy sorry for my english, and I did not use any gameconfig.xml


    @BeSUA777 try https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gameconfig-xml-dilapidated

    For replacement cars, make sure you the cars in the correct patchday

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