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Help creating custom ped model

  • Hello everyone. I am new to GTA5 modding scene and have some basic understanding of 3d modeling and rigging and have decided to start off by rigging a custom ped model and loading it in game using AddonPed mod. For my project, I used Leon from RE6 model by "fungfung879" (https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/re6-leon-s-kennedy-add-on-ped-replace) and facegen to create the custom 3d model's head. Using 3DS Max with GIMS EVO installed, I imported the 'ODD' file of another custom ped (i.e, leon-which loads fine in-game) extracted using OpenIV. The model loads without any errors. I attached the facegen head model in place of Leon's head. After embedding the textures, I exported the file to a folder which generated multiple mesh files and texture files in subfolders along with one main 'ODD' file. I wasn't sure if this was how it's supposed to happen as every other model I have seen had yft, ytd, ymt files. Not being sure how to proceed, I imported the files to OpenIV which converted the 'ODD' file to 'YDD' file which loaded fine along with the textures when viewed using OpenIV's built in model viewer. After adding the model entry to AddonPed Editor, I tried loading the model in game which didn't do anyting. No error messages, no nothing. After selecting the model fron the ped selector menu, pressing 'L' doesn't bring up pedselector menu anymore. I have no clue pertaining to this issue, thus this post.

    After spending hours pulling out my hair, I decided to rig the model using Zmodeler. Before long, I realized that I had fell into a rabbit hole. So, I have put a halt to my work and have decided to place my query in front of the modding community itself. Any kind of help is appreciated!

    P.S. I read here (https://cain-x.deviantart.com/art/Modding-GTA-V-to-accept-3D-models-from-DAZ-Studio-611194523) that Daz models can be imported into the game. So, I tried to export Daz3d models using GIMS (Daz3d>Export model>Import in 3DS Max>Export with GIMS) which could'nt find any object to export in the first place.

    If anyone is willing to help me out or guide me in the right direction, you have my thanks :)


    Now there's a post asking for assistance to applaud to. I hope someone like @AHK1221 comes along with some useful info.

  • @ReNNie damn it now i have to finish the tut series xD

  • It's so nice to have such an active modding community. @ReNNie , @AHK1221 Does the aforementioned tutorial series deal with peds? If so, I would be grateful if you could post the link to the tutorial series.

  • @PsychoTrevor Yeah, its about creating a custom torso for a ped model.


  • @ReNNie Thanks. Those are some really helpful resources. I'll definitely check them out. Now I feel like a complete moron for not using the search function. @AHK1221 Found your tutorials as well. Really well made! I'll update my results and findings as I make some progress.

  • Okay I have the model I want to import into the game along with the textures then when I use GIMS evo to export it does that but it exports it as an ODR when I need it need it to be an ODD

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