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Abandoned/broken modifications


    @LeFix hasn't been active for a while and I'm not sure if he's going to get me to make a PR to his original repo. Can somebody pin/feature a link to my updated versions? Makes it a bit easier for people to find it.

    Original Speedometer: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/speedometer-improvedalexbladeversion
    Updated Speedometer: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/lefix-speedometer

    Original Simple Fuel: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-fuel
    Updated Simple Fuel: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/lefix-simple-fuel

  • Banned

    Mod: JobsV

    Last Updated: August 23rd, 2015

    Broken since: Not sure

    It doesn't work when I try to use it.. The creator hasn't responded to anyone's comments since August 31st, 2016

  • @TheAmaz1ngSp1derman I don't remember JobsV being broken last I tried I could use it

  • Banned

    anything by skyrix. all of his mods are buggy or incomplete, yet he just keeps releasing new ones that are just as broken.

  • @racer-x Hmm according to this site his mods get pretty high ratings.

  • Banned

    @Cyron43 I don't go by ratings. people here rate 5 stars for "effort" or they give 5 stars because they thought the person who commented before them was "mean"..lol. I actually read the comments/complaints.


    Mod: Mercedes AMG SL 65 Black Series v1.2
    Last updated: September 19, 2015.
    Broken since: September 19, 2015.
    Author is inactive from the site.
    The author has not updated the mod for a long time, and some users have reported bugs and requested new features.


    Mod: Real Police Offenses [.NET] 1.9
    Last updated: June 24, 2015.
    Broken since: April 15, 2017.
    Author is inactive from the site.
    It is broken and abandoned. See in the comments.


    This post is deleted!



    Replace "Broken since" with only "Since" and add "Status".

    Since the mods may be "Broken", but not "Abandoned" and vice versa, or they may still be "Broken" and "Abandoned" at the same time.

    State: Abandoned
    State: Broken
    State: Abandoned & Broken


    @Krazy This thread is mainly for reporting broken mods. Reporting abandoned-only mods doesn't serve any purpose... although feel free to.


  • Mod: Heist Project
    Last updated: January 20, 2016
    Broken since: Not sure

  • This post is deleted!

  • ignore my last post, didn't see description was updated

  • @Jitnaught said in Abandoned/broken modifications:

    @Krazy This thread is mainly for reporting broken mods. Reporting abandoned-only mods doesn't serve any purpose... although feel free to.

    Maybe change the title then? I thought this is also for abandoned (not broken) mods. Just a thought. :slight_smile:


    @Cyron43 I forgot in my last post that it can still be used for reporting abandoned mods, such as if there are missing features and another modder could update it (with permission). If you're reporting an abandoned mod and there's no features missing, not broken, etc., then there's no reason to report.

  • @Jitnaught Thanks. I should have read the initial post again. My bad.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I want to report some broken mods. It's might be better admin to DIRECTLY DELETE them from site...

    Mod: GTA V Eye-Realism - ENB & ReShade with minimal FPS loss and Banding Fix

    Only one upload at: October 15, 2018; Broken since: initial upload.

    The comments section has only a few comments saying game cannot work with that ENB installed because there are reports that graphic ENB crashes the game while loading! However, mod's author (@kantittt) has NOT replied at all anything in comments. There was also NO any update for that ENB, also absolutely NO FIX uploaded for that crash, neither! I thing this mod should be thrown in thrash (deleted from site) because I'm guess that guy has only uploaded one initial version of that ENB which appears completely unusable, and then he's just vanished...

    State: Abandoned & Broken.

    Mod: Gta 5 graphics first trailer mod

    Only one upload at: October 12, 2018.

    There seems to be no readme.txt within mod's download because in comments section, there was a post by moderator @ReNNie asking author to put installation path for his mod files, but unfortunately, author has NOT responded at all. Appears this guy probably didn't visited site anymore after uploading his crappy graphic mod, and I'm assume that guy @Beta_team_gta5 didn't even visited back his mod page to read the @ReNNie 's comment about lack of installation isntruction at all. I think this mod should be deleted because there are not installation instructions provided where files (filepath - ?) goes in OpenIV, also that mod appears pretty crap, also it's clearly...

    State: ...abandoned.

    Mod: Gameconfig for Patch 1.0.1365.1 (Add-On Crash Fix)

    Initial upload at: April 01, 2018; Broken since: most likely patch 1.0.1493.1 - "After Hours" update.

    Author has NO replies in comments since April 13th, 2017. That config appears totally incompatible (obsolete) past version 1.0.1493.1 (After Hours), also for current version 1.0.1604.0 (Arena Wars).

    State: Abandoned & Broken.

    Mod: GameConfig Missions Getting Limitless Add-on 1.0

    Only one (obsolete) upload at: October 12, 2018.

    Author seems inactive. Also, his config is only for older versions, but is most likely NOT usable on few recent versions of GTA V, also mod's description is only in Portuguese!

    State: Abandoned.

  • Mod: Yacht Deluxe 1.9

    Last updated at: April 19, 2016; Broken since: Most likely since "Lowriders: Custom Classics" update.

    That ASI mod is obsolete since long time, it's isn't working /usable anymore. For deletion from site. Author is also completely vanished for like 2 years and half now!

    State: Abandoned & Broken.

    Mod: KaBoomTrainer [ASI]

    Last updated at: September 18, 2015; Broken since: Most likely since "GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony" update.

    This ASI trainer somehow can't be used / activated with any recent ScriptHookV version! I have tried to use that trainer some time ago with ScriptHookV on "GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony" update. For some unknown reasons, ScriptHookV DOESN'T seems to EVEN try to load that trainer! I think it is for the trash now (deleting from site)! Here is why:

    1. When I loaded Story Mode, pressing F4 key did nothing. No matter how times I have tried to use this trainer, I couldn't use or get that KaBoom trainer active at all;
    2. When I exited game and opened the ScriptHookV log for that session, it listed all others plugins, but there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING related to KaBoomTrainer.asi - no load, not even any kind of error! Really strange...
    3. Author said when running trainer for first time, KaBoom should make a database file called "settings.json". When I exited game, it was NOT created neither. Entering again the game didn't changed anything.
      Conclusion: this trainer appears to be completely skipped / ignored by ScriptHookV for unknown reason, every other ASI got loaded in my game and was listed in ScriptHookV log, but NO single mention for that trainer (KaBoomTrainer.asi)!

    That trainer literally won't get loaded by any ScriptHookV for any GTA V version from "GTA Online: Be My Valentine" update onward (it just gets completely skipped / ignored).

    State: Abandoned & Broken.

    Mod: Christmas in Singleplayer (Snow Mod) 1.01

    Last updated at: December 19, 2016; Broken since: Since "GTA Online: Doomsday Heist" update.

    Comments says it doesn't work and author is vanished since January 06, 2017 (at that date was his last comment at comment section). I recommend to delete this obsolete ASI mod since SimpleNativeTrainer's, Menyoo's and EnhancedNativeTrainer updated versions does the same now.

    State: Abandoned & Broken.

    Mod: Open All Interiors v5.1

    Last updated at: May 08, 2015; Broken since: No longer usable on current 1.0.1604.0 "GTA Online: Arena War" update.

    Peoples are saying this plugin fails to load and cannot be used at current version (Arena Wars Update). Author (@NewTheft ) has posted a pinned comment saying he will update the mod, but it was an way back at October 25, 2018... It's not known when this mod will be updated and usable again. For now, we have to play without "No Open Interiors" on current version (1.0.1604.0).

    State: (Mostly) Abandoned & Broken.

    Mod: Spawn MP Vehicles in SP 1.2

    Last updated at: October 04, 2016; Broken since: Current 1.0.1604.0 "GTA Online: Arena War" update.

    This mod is really obsolete now - author appears vanished in ages, his mod isn't usable anymore since current update, also Simple Native Trainer and Enhanced Native Trainer have build-in active native do stop vehicles from being deleted by the game, so this ASI is obsolete now. For deleting (nobody can update this ASI for current version without source code).

    State: Abandoned & (Completely) Broken.

    Actually I read somewhere in GTAForums:

    1. Rockstar has actually removed the autodeletion script for all older Online vehicles from "Lowriders 2" through the previous "After Hours" updates. Now only the vehicles from current "Arena Wars" update are deleted by the script, but others from said previous GTA Online updates now can be driven in SinglePlayer, as they're NO LONGER deleted upon spawning since current "Arena Wars" update.
    2. Also for first time since long time Rockstar added content to SP - they officially added the LSUR music station in StoryMode as well (that in previous "After Hours" update was inaccessible without mods). :slight_smile:

    When I have time, I might add more mods for deleting due to being broken and impossible to be updated.

  • @65536 Open Interiors is false they do occasionally make updates on it but rarely tell others when an update will arrive good stuff takes time and that mod is one of them

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