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Script mods not working after deleting and redownloading

  • Hi. I just started using mods about week ago.. therefore all my files are updated to most recent. And actually mods worked at first when i downloaded them and placed files to the right folders where read-me guided. But i decided to delete some of these script mods, but then decided to re-download.. when i downloaded again, they are not working anymore. For example atm robberies and bank heists mod. It still shows blips on the map, but atm's just give the account and bank doors are even closed. Tried even reinstalling script hook and script hookDotNet, which made things even worse, because after that even some mods that i never deleted, stopped working. It seems that after deleting something, it just never starts to work again. I would send log files, but i don't see file attachment option here


    You can use a service like pastebin to upload text files.

    What you describe sounds like just the ATM Robberies & Bank Heists is misbehaving. If you read the comments, other people also have the same problem.

  • ok.. thanks.. yeah i didnt read much what people have wrote about it. And yeah, i got most other things working again.. now it is again mainly atm robberies and bank heists.. and few other mods that i actually didn't get working in the first place. And i will see about pastebin

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