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Can you change which car replace mods replace?

  • For example, if I download a replace car mod, and it wants me to replace the t20, can I just change the names of the files accordingly to, lets say, infernus if I want it to replace infernus instead?

  • @Elagabalaus yes you can just change the name of the files, but bear in mind dials may not work then, hand position may be off etc, but from a 3rd person view it would be fine. Or install the car as an addon.

  • @aysammy I see, thank you very much

  • Where would I be able to change the pack location?


    As you can see I renamed it to infernus, but it still has that "pack:/t20_hi" . I looked in game, and it still looks like the normal infernus, I think I need to change that.

  • @Elagabalaus You don't need to change/you cannot change it.😃

  • @Elagabalaus if you rename a car and replace a different one, you need to edit and paste that car's handling.meta and vehicles.meta lines exactly as the car you are replacing, if you do that. all the things should work normally. otherwise, just as they said. many problems.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I'm sorry if I'm asking too much but is there a tutorial how to do that somewhere? Or could you explain further? Damn some of these authors, I know I should be grateful for what I'm being given but, seriously, why would you make a Ferrari mod and then have it replace the warrener? Makes no sense.

  • @Frazzlee I've done that, didn't change anything in game :/

  • @Frazzlee you do need to change vehicles.meta and handling.meta otherwise it won't work.

  • @FoxtrotDelta So let's say theres a mod that replaces the Sabre GT, but I want it to replace the Vigero instead, after renaming the files accordingly, I would have to go to vehicles.meta and change the properties of the Vigero? What exactly do I change?

  • @Elagabalaus Copy the Sabre GT files from the mod, change the Sabre GT names to Vigero and paste, then go to the very last of the vehicles.meta, then search for Vigero, then change
    to get the dials working.

  • @Akila_Reigns Just did that also, everything has been fined by just replacing the names, but what I'm trying to get to work are the tuning parts. Already changed the tuning parts ytf and the parts individually inside the archive, nothing :/

  • @Elagabalaus You need to edit the carcols.meta to get the tuning parts fixed.

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