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[Need Help] Rigging NPC's Upper to MP Freemode Male Body

  • Far too long now I've seen one and only one guy able to get the Lost MC's NPC vests and other wear rigged onto the freemode male character, and I have yet to figure out how to do it myself let alone find a tutorial on how to do it.

    I've tried using 3ds Max to get one of the bikers' vests to work using Gabriel Augusto's tutorial How to Convert MP Clothes to SP (see below) in reverse as others have suggested to get SP characters' clothes on MP characters before but the results weren't the same. I'm new to modelling as a whole so maybe it was the wrong first step for me but this is also hugely a need for me.

    If anyone has this figured out for any NPC - not just the Lost MC guys - PLEASE throw a tutorial or some knowledge my way, or point me in the right direction! Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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