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[SCRIPT][REL]Need for Speed Underground Speedometer


    GTA V Speedometer

    Build status

    Yet another speedometer! NFSU-style, with support for NOS and Turbo.






    Download the ScriptHookV SDK and extract its contents to ScriptHookV_SDK.

    Clone this repository to the same folder ScriptHookV_SDK was extracted so you have ScriptHookV_SDK and GTAVManualTransmission in the same folder. If you get build errors about missing functions, update your natives.h. The menu base repo contains the currently used natives.h to build stuff.

    Clone my GTAVMenuBase to the same folder you're gonna clone this to.

    Clone my GTAVManualTransmission to the same folder you're gonna clone this to. We're gonna need (some of) those extra vehicle natives.


    This script reads the following decorators:

    • int - mt_neutral: Gear neutral position, from the Manual Transmission mod
    • int - mt_shift_indicator: Shift indicator, from the Manual Transmission mod
    • int - ikt_speedo_nos: Presence of a nitrous mod
    • float - ikt_speedo_nos_level: Nitrous level, between 0.0f and 1.0f
    • int - nfsnitro_stage: Nitrous kit upgrade level
    • float - nfsdrag_heat: Drag HUD heat
    • bool - nfsdrag_showhud: Drag HUD toggle

    To make the green N2O bars appear in the speedometer, your mod has to set ikt_speedo_nos to 1 on the currently used vehicle, set it to 0 to remove.

    N2O level ranges from 1.0f to 0.0f. Again, set ikt_speedo_nos_level to this level on the currently used vehicle.

    N2O bars also appear for vehicles with a rocket boost - the rocket boost takes precedence over any external mods.

  • @ikt

    Hello, thanks for this great modification. It would be possible to add in the next update such skins Custom Gauges as with NFS U2 eg:

    https://i.imgur.com/M9AzPYL.jpg or https://i.imgur.com/6sBGcHL.jpg


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