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[MAP] Add a swingset to the map

  • I want to create a script to recreate the swingset glitch of GTA IV, but there isn't any swingset on GTA V afaik. Could one of you guys add a swingset to the map? It would be cool if it was added at the children's playground at Vinewood Hills Dog Exercise Park.

  • @Jitnaught This was already requested by i believe cyron, and I tried converting the wft but was unsuccesful but I have learned some more zmodeler so I will give it another shot very soon, I will keep you posted via the discord. Also as far as the script goes JediJosh said it would be possible a while ago to me.

    alt text

  • @Derpy-Canadian Ha, funny we had the same idea just 2 weeks apart. Sounds good.

  • Derpy-Canadian notified me on Discord that he was unable to convert the IV swing set to V.

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