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[RequestInformation]GameConfig crashes game

  • I had an issue with my drive, resulting in losing some data.
    My GTA SP folder got entirely corrupted, for one, thus, I copied my Online into a new folder and began to mod it.
    Installed a few mods, but when I came to adding my cars, all went berzerk: the GameConfig which I used to run no longer seems to be working, crashing my game.
    Which is odd, as I used it for so long.

    Thus deleted folder content, reinstalled the copy, test, works, add the modding required files such as Scripthook and whatnot, all very basic, test, it runs...
    Add new GameConfig... everlasting load.
    Add another... crash.

    For some reason I seem unable to find me a good working GameConfig, or, something altered in the came itself, no longer accepting a modified GameConfig, I do not know, but I am getting frustrated...

    Anyone a clue, or a link to a GameConfig that works for sure?

    Thank you very much.

    PS: for some odd reason, my game gives me V.1180.1 (1.41), shouldn't that be 1180.2?

  • The gameconfig.xml that comes with "World of Variety" works for me. You can download it, unpack the WOV.oiv file with 7-zip or whatever you use, and cherry pick the gameconfig file from there.


  • @Bloodbullet10 Aha?
    It comes with a GameConfig?

    Damn, and I have this installed... is that Gameconfig auto-installed, or?

    NVM the question, got it, I missed those due to OIV, not used of an OIV install of Gameconfig, see... O_O

    Thank you for the info.
    Gonna test as soon as I am done making a bootable Minitool Partition Wizard for me wife's PC...

  • Sadly neither works :(

    Anyone with a different solution, please? :)



    Does your game crash upon loading when using an Add-On vehicle?
    Or are you still getting 'invalid model' error when trying to spawn it?

    Then use Gameconfig.xml 2.0 by Dilapidated »
    or (older game versions) Willief23 & MAESTRE's Gameconfig »

  • @ReNNie I did not even add any thusfar.
    Other mods are accepted without any issue, trainer works, the only issue is the GameConfig for some odd reason...

    If I start in a clean folder (thus nothing added) and I install a Gameconfig, it either dies on me, or enters an infinite loop, Sir.

    I am baffled...

    Even my fantastic GC which I used afore no longer is accepted?

    Testing both, Sir, will keep you informed.

    Thank you kindly.



  • So, I tested all of Weenie... euh... Willie's files, all made my system stay in load.
    Dililapapapouris's 2.0 x3 peds did work, thank you very much.

    Hopefully that one is mission friendly... :)


    If it isn't mission friendly ... then go into the lines your self

    If your missions dont work in storymode, search for MISSION in your original gameconfig.xml
    and change the sizestack value in the custom gameconfig to the value from your original unmodded gameconfig.xml

  • Why thank you, Sir.

    Good to know.

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