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Just realized today that I cannot access my radio wheel anymore

  • So I've been playing for a while and sometimes changing the radio but I noticed today I cannot do that anymore... every car I get into, holding "left" directional stick won't show it... Q on the keyboard won't show it... What's going on? I've been asking/searching around but found nothing. Anyone has somewhat similar experience?

  • @vnguyen972 What mods do you have installed (if any)?

  • @Jitnaught I have a few:

    • SinglePlayerGarage
    • Pull Me Over
    • The Flash (Justice Leage)
    • Spiderman V
    • LS Drift
    • Player Location Display
    • Be A Bodyguard
    • ATM Bank Robbery
    • Enhance Native Trainer
    • Menyoo
    • WatchDog
    • Do Ped Stuff
    • Add On Guards
    • Hot Coffee
    • Map Editor
    • Ped Selector
    • Vigilante
    • Zombie Survivor

  • @vnguyen972 You need a stronger gameconfig. Surprised, really surprised, that you aren't using RDE. Anyhow, go with dilapidated's gameconfig, and it should clear the issue up for you.

  • @vnguyen972 Have you disabled your minimap cause i did that in simple trainer and then couldn't use my radio wheel. Stopped doing it since I reinstalled my game tho - not that i'm suggesting you do that but my game was dead anyways ;)

  • Like @krissboo said there's a keybinding to disable HUD, which means no minimap and no radio wheel.
    It's "K" in my case.

  • @krissboo I still have my mini map though... I hear radio but I can't switch by keys anymore, I had to go into Settings / Audio to change station :)

  • @vnguyen972 Sorry I got a bit confused with radio wheel and weapon wheel lol. But yeah I know I had trouble selecting one or the other when I'd disabled my minimap/hud in the trainer. Altho I use self radio all the time now so I ain't got to worry about radio stations. ;)

  • @V4D3R "K" will bring up the Ped Selector in my case :) but as I mentioned, my mini map HUD is still there....

  • @krissboo Oh yeah I have setup my Self Radio too but it doesn't stick if I set it via Configurations.... It changed back to normal Radio next time I started the game, then I had to go to Setting to switch to Self Radio because I can't access the Radio wheel anymore :(

  • @vnguyen972 what trainer do you use?

  • @krissboo I used Enhanced Native Trainer

  • @krissboo Yep that one.

  • @vnguyen972 ok cause the old one is outdated....tbh I've always used simple trainer because you can set your options and save them as a .ini file. Not sure if Enhanced has that ability

  • @krissboo Oh yeah, it does have triggered key settings in an xml and any customization you made in game will save to an ini file as well..

  • @vnguyen972 ok. Well i'm sorry to say i'm out of ideas :(

    Only other thing I can suggest is remove mods one by one starting with the most recent and see if anything changes

  • @krissboo Yeah, I'm going to try RDE as one user suggested above. Then last resort is like you suggested. Thanks buddy.

  • @vnguyen972 no probs dude. Good luck. Let us know how you get on.

  • @krissboo Ok installed RDE 3.1 and the issue isn't cleared up. Should I try the gameconfig that he mentioned as well?
    EDIT: never mind, the gameconfig info says its already in RDE 3.1. Looks like I ran out of option other than taking out mods one by one...

  • I don't know if this is it, but JulioNIB's flash mod 2.0+ changes "Q" to an ability selector when active.

  • @Bloodbullet10 Couldn't remember which I have but E will pop up the ability selector and 1,2,3 ...to select it... or Controller Left Shoulder (LB) for Flash Mod. Q does nothing as far as I can tell. Thanks for chiming in. Let me know if you could think of something else :) Right now, I can play without changing music or turning it off in Setting, but I felt like I broke the game and it's sad ...

  • I found the one that is causing my issue. I removed one by one and when I removed the Enhanced Trainer, my radio wheel appears!!!

    Enhanced Trainer broke it. It binds the DPAD_LEFT to Its Menu Navigation (go left). So even when the menu wasn't displayed, DPAD_LEFT doesn't do anything.

    Maybe I should disable the DPADs all together in the Trainer config.

  • Cannot figure out how to get around it. I set NO_BOUND as the configuration suggested but Enhanced Native Trainer doesn't work at all (menu won't load)...

    I ended up going back to Simple Trainer and while it binds the DPAD_LEFT to Menu Nav as well but it doesn't break my Radio Wheel...

    I'm happy again.

    Thanks everyone!!!!
    EDIT: After checking with the author of Enhanced Native Trainer and it turns out that I accidentally set one Property that caused the "radio wheel" disappears... I have "Radio Always Off" set within the MOD. I guess it was probably when I tried to turn off the Radio :) but obviously that option didn't work because next time the game starts, the radio is still on but no radio wheel displays.

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