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maps mod missing parts which is spawn on ocean water

  • i have a problem with maps mod .. i m using map mods with manyoo object spawner .... m doing everything right and then i spawn any map iits works perfectly if its main location is on main land ( Earth Land ) . but when i use other maps like aircraft carrier , flying islands, SeaVilla i mean every mod which is actualy precent on ocean give me glitch ...... it spawn the trees grass other obstacls but not the main island in island mod or even airpotmod .... same with aircraft carier mod all planes and halicopters are spawn in air ans still there but air craft carier is not spawwn and i falling in water every time .... i google it but not get any valuagbe answer ... can anyone sugest me to solve it ? please 0_1506287105352_maps.PNG

  • now on airpot map mod this is happen 0_1506326212152_airpot.PNG

    please reply if any one having solution for this glitch . there is no imformation about this problem on google or any other site . m using manyoo object sponer - saved file for all my modes

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