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Is GTA 5 modding still alive?

  • I haven't modded GTA 5 since May? Is it still worth modding? I'm on a clean copy.


    @gtaenthusiast Yes GTAV modding is still alive and always will be. I suggest look through some of the lastest mods, there's a lot of good stuff and more to come.


    @gtaenthusiast be honest with you the past month has really some of the best and most exciting mods for GTA V ever, the scripting stuff is really taking off, Ymap editing mods are making our GTA world more enriching, and add on maps have expanded our world, and in general so many mods seem to have much finer details graphically and mechanically.

    Come on back the water is warm!

    alt text

  • thanks guys will get into it

  • @gtaenthusiast If that screenshot @DarthPungz posted doesn't get you back into modding - nothing will ;)


    all it needs a slight yellowish retexturing in some parts

  • @gtaenthusiast although many big names have left which were active in the beginning , ye the gta 5 modding scene will always be up and running just not as active as before until the new comers pick up skill and experience the legends had.

    That said many new legends are being born.

  • @gtaenthusiast It is a mixed-bag of decent and crapola unfortunately. 50% of the stuff that gets approved here are for juveniles, international license plates, police, ambulance, and ridiculous settings.xml files that any idiot could just make up on their own. You have to weed through a shit-ton of crap to find the rare gems that is buried deep within the abyss, LOL...

  • @eshenk Lol get one of my improved hookers. They are really gems in this game :P

  • @eshenk So the patrol car from the sovereign nation village of Valkenvania from the Dan Akroyd flop "Nothing But Trouble" isn't a good idea? :P

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