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Extreme bloom problem

  • Hello,

    So, I'm new to modding, and to try and learn what does what I've frankensteined some graphics mods bit by bit to see what they do, how they work etc, mostly VisualV, NVR, RadianceV and Real Rage.
    Now there is one thing that I can't figure what it is exactly, and that is that something is making

    1. My white and very light colors almost all white and very bright
    2. All those whites extremely bloomy, mainly cars and buildings, but also characters with white clothes.

    I've looked around in visualsettings, but couldn't find what causes it, might also be a different file? I've been trying on and off for a week now, and I've lost hope. Screenshots below, hope you guys can help me :) Thanks in advance


  • @genipapo look in your sweetFX settings file and/or enbseries.ini if you are using ENB.

  • @eshenk I am not using either SweetFX or ENB, so it can't be in there. Hope you have an alternative idea :)

  • @genipapo You will then need to look at the timecycle files themselves. There will be either 3 or 4. Open each with notepad and search for bloom.

  • @eshenk I lowered all the bloom values drastically (in all the timecycle files), and sadly do not see difference

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