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GTA crashes while loading | mods

  • Hello
    I installed six Car mods (Add-On) successfully. When I want to install a 7th car mod, the Game crashes while loading. When I change the 6th mod into another one, the game starts. Is there a maximal number of mods I can install? Or can somebody tell my how to fix my problem?

    Thanks in advance

    P.S. Please excuse my bad English - my first language is German ;-)

  • @Jere2611

    Does your game crash upon loading when using an Add-On vehicle? Or are you still getting 'invalid model' error when trying to spawn it?
    Then use Gameconfig.xml 2.0 by Dilapidated » (or older game versions Willief23 & MAESTRE's Gameconfig)

  • The game crashes upon the GTA loading screen. I get the dialogue :"GTA V stopped working"

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