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Update.rpf questions

  • So, i'm tired of having to reinstall my whole update.rpf every time the game updates, does anyone know if i can just take a few files from the new update.rpf and add it them to my modded one to make it all work?

  • @westcoastsosa Trieddd It Brooo Didnt Work

  • @westcoastsosa you can't, i think they are tagged to work only with the code from new update. unless you want to rip them and convert them yourself back into the game.....good luck with that. i'm talking vehicles tough,maybe props too. i think clothes you actually can.

  • @westcoastsosa I tried that myself and I failed miserably. Believe me, I spent over an hour looking at each individual file from the vanilla update folder to verify any changes - in the end, I was left with infinite-loading. Best thing to do is make a folder on desktop, and copy all modified files over in a directory structure that mirrors what is inside the update folder. When the update occurs, it is then the simple, but lengthy process of dragging all your shit to their respective locations. A real friggin' pain, I tell you...

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