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Finally broke down and updated my game, but....

  • Took a weeks vacation, and decided to update the game because RDE 3.1.1 was calling my name LOL. What a freakin' nightmare it has really been though.

    First, I decided to make things easy on me by copying over the new content to my modded update folder. No dice - infinite-loading. SIGH

    Then I decided to copy all modified files to a folder on my desktop. I then moved newly updated vanilla update folder into my mods folder, and then drag all modified files back to their respective locations within the update folder. Then I was CTDing during loading of game. I don't remember exactly what I did, but eventually got the game to load.

    Now? Crashing every five minutes, regardless of what I am doing. Even just standing around doing nothing, crashes within 5 minutes. One of the other things I had done, was added many scripts that I couldn't take advantage of because it required newer scripthookv versions. Online interiors, coronoers, livelyworld, and home invasion were added. Scripthookvdotnet logs were showing that it caught an unhandled exception from the office assistant script belonging to online interiors. I removed it, and nothing changed. Finally I realized, why do I even need online interiors, when it is not interactive in any useful way anyhow? I removed that and home invasion, asking myself "why do I need to rob a house when I am already a billionaire?" LOL...

    Tonight, I am going through openIV looking for clues that might be the culprit. Eventually I will nail it down, and share here what the cause was in case it helps someone else.

  • @eshenk thats why im not updating, I know something in the way its gonna fuck it up.

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