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Make traffic lights green for longer and red for shorter...

  • Don't know how hard this would be to do, but vanilla traffic lights stay at red for a ridiculously long time, and stay green for a very short time!
    Could a mod be made that shortens the time of the red lights, and increase the time of the green lights?


  • @Dunc1n This just defies logic..... do you see what I mean? lets say you're on one road of an intersection and your light is green, because yours is green the roads to the left and right of you's lights are red. then when theirs are green yours are red so it makes no sense..


    don't blame the traffic lights, the problem is the ai drives too slow

  • I don't actually know how a mod would send commands to the traffic light system, but if it were possible, you could just have the light turn green sooner when the player is facing it...

    Also you could do a Watch-Dogs-style traffic light hack and have everyone crash into the middle!

    But yeah I doubt there's an easy way to communicate with whatever base game script handles the traffic lights.

  • There's a native to set the traffic light color... but it doesn't change the AI behavior, so it's essentially useless.

  • @Derpy-Canadian @ImNotMentaL @PNWParksFan
    It's the traffic lights system that makes no sense. Sit at a traffic light and time how long it's at red for, and time how long it's at green for. It's like a 30 second to 1 second ratio. If you do a mission, but stick to traffic laws, then the mission will always time out!!! It's so dumb!!!

    Surely there is a way to alter the traffic light system into at least a 50:50 ratio, maybe red for 15 secs, then green for 15 secs or something.

    Do the AI timing control the traffic lights? Or does the traffic lights control the AI?


  • @Dunc1n I dont get it, at one intersection there will always be at least one green light and one red so how would you make it so red for example is longer if there always will be at least one red? that would require some detailed editing into each actual specific light entity

  • @superelitist this request literally defys logic soo..

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Derpy-Canadian yes I agree when you are sitting at one red light, others are green, but this is only when you are at a junction. There are loads of other traffic lights that aren't at a large junction.
    If it can't be done, then fair enough, but my point being, the game will simply not allow you enough time to sit at obey traffic laws AND complete missions.


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