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Check your vehicle replacements time.... *SIGH*

  • I have been digging through the vehicles within openIV, and have made a very unfortunate discovery - no LODs?!? That's right. Almost every single replacement I have stumbled upon has NO LODs!!

    The fact is, is that a lot of these modders are either noobs or just didn't give a damn, but the performance hit for such is reprehensible. Add to the performance hit when you consider what happens when we start increasing traffic densities on top of that. IMHO, modders should mention in their description the fact that they did not include LODs, but then who would download their mods, LOL. The name_hi.yft should NOT be the same size as name.yft period.

    I am putting this out there for other's so they can undo the damage done, and find actual vehicle replacements that come with LODs. It's a shame that we cannot have confidence that these models come with LODs, and our only way of knowing is to actually download and then look to confirm.


    @eshenk you surely have been living under a rock then the past six months or so...

  • @ReNNie How so? You have to look to notice, and admittedly I simply trusted. The shame belongs to me for that. Trust but verify? I think not! Verify FIRST, LOL...


    The discussion on LODS has flared up recently

    @GreenAid showed a short list some days ago of cars ft LODS (mostly the ones by dimon over at maniamods.ru, carface80 and then some other others)

  • This is not that black & white. Some noticements from me:

    • Forza models should all have LODs, but as far as I understood, You usually have to rip them yourself from Your game. "Ripped&Ready models", which You can find (and for what You don´t have to own the game), 99% have only LOD0-textures packed into them.
    • For optimizing meshes (=creating level of details), You need sufficient knowledge in 3DSMax as native built-in feature in zModeler3 cannot be considered as adequate. I am a beginner and haven´t ever worked with Autodesk software, but started straight from zM.
    • If You want to correctly add L1+L2 to L0, it means working with 3 different cars at a time, while You can work with only 1 and later roughly copy L1 as L0 (making no real difference, though).
    • I once even thought, that I try to finish with L0 and then feed all the body parts into zm3 optimization tool. As mentioned, it will mess up anything (it is crap) and I will later need to configure vehicles.meta, so that this messed up body will only be seen from a very far distance (L3 by game standards?), which leaves the L1 and L2 as maybe the most needed LODs, still unsolved.
    • I myself am not bothered about LODs, because even when I play more in a single session (which I only occasionally do), I don´t replace cars without LODs myself. This basically leaves my traffic unmodded, as vehicles with proper LODs are such a rarity here.
    • My cars, which I create or download are usually less-common in the states and they are meant to be my cars ONLY in my garages, fully personalized. I know, many share the same gameplay principles.


    The end result is a bad experience for whoever wants to use the vehicle more than a player-only show piece. People should know what kind of quality they're getting, and it should be clear some mods just ruin performance.


    @ikt true
    to an extent in that calls for a LODS tag (and proper tagging methodology all in all instead of TEXT TAGS) on the mods page

    why to an extent... it's a modding community and mod download platform after all
    if the user has no basic knowledge at all at what he or she is replacing (texture of model-wise), has no interest in learning the basics and what the impact is on his gameplay / -stability / -performance, then sorry... but in my book he or she is unfit to mod his or her own game to begin with

    What I'm trying to say, is that it should be crystal clear to begin with (pop-up for first-time downloaders?) that replacing a 1,5MB vanilla vehicle with a 35MB non-LOD vehicle or eg swapping out a 512px road texture with 4K is just asking for problems

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