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Cars disappearing when I drive Into Imnotmeantals Single Player Apartment garage

  • As you know by the title, anytime in drive a car into the garage it just disappears when ever my character get out. I doesnt go back outside or anything. Is there a fix, if so what is it? Thanks!

    Edit: I checked where i can manage vehicles, turns out they are there just invisible.

  • @PhoenixRK likely one of the ini files is corrupted, or, your garage is full, or your putting a duplicate of an existing car in which is making the script overwrite save files of the cars or something like that. I suggest, going into the vehicle save files and deleting them so it resets. Or, you can delete the whole mod and reinstall it from scratch.

  • @PhoenixRK more specifically, if your license plate is duplicate with another car, the script will definitely glitch out and either overwrite the car or erase it so its save file is there but it wont spawn.

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