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[WIP] [VEHICLE] Ferrari J50 - Limited Series "Only 10 Worldwide"

  • @Asyr0n

    When Release this car??

  • @Asyr0n cool good luck im way behind, im a bit slower.

  • @kim-seong-il It depends on the progress. High Poly models bring sometimes unexpected result so... We will see. First i have to get a first successful ingame working car, after that i can give you an aproximate release date. For now slow progress.

  • @Asyr0n Ok bro i can watting

  • Well guys! Looks like i'm getting a big Headache tonight :P

    Rigging of model is done and first export is out!! BUUUUT.... export size is too big! I need to reduce Polycount in order to reduce export size to at least 17Mbs! Well wish me good luck ;)

    alt text
    alt text


  • @Asyr0n good luck!

  • @Asyr0n next time ur collecting money on patreon i will subscribe. Also i can get u any model for 50% discount rate from big 3d model websites.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Thx man, really apreciate! i have a few models i still have to purchase in future so it will come in handy :)

  • Finally after couple of hours reducing Polycount... i managed to spawn the car bugs free!!!
    Now i can finally start workin on the detail :D

    Some screens:
    before Polycount Reduce:
    alt text
    After Reducing:
    alt text

    And as reward...
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    I probably will need to reduce some more parts to be able to play around with shaders so it can look HQ later on.
    Bonnet interior needs to be modeled and Interior + engine needs retexturing, so alot of hours of work still to go!

  • @Asyr0n lo9ks very gotod so far

  • @Asyr0n Wow awesome this model Addon Or replace?

  • @Asyr0n does it include the Roof as extra or tunning?? , for raining days ride.

  • @kim-seong-il I only do ADD-On's recently cause of the very Highpoly models! And for LODs... too much work reducing the 3D models to an exceptable GTA5 engine level! But you can use the car files and use em as Replace if that's what you are goin for.

    @JCM This model had no roof and i never seen a picture of a J50 with a Roof so i guess i'll leave it out till i find something!

    Started detailing the Interior,
    alt text

  • Well fellas, time i get to the interior details, hope you like it ;)

    alt text
    alt text

    Cheers .

  • @Asyr0n Hi... maybe you can add the Roof that you used in your Ferrari F60 America, it looks like it may fit very well with a little adjust ;) . and i have 2 ask if I may.

    from the image below.
    1: Please add this new digital dials (race dials ) to this Ferrari J50 ( just like your F60 ).
    2: The gear count below the Rpm Gauges.
    3: Radio Screen right next to the thacometer. and place turn light in a nice place, so it can be seen in first person driving. ... and Thanks for your work, really enjoy your converts , I wish to find someone to teach me modeling car in zmod3 in Spanish :P


  • @Ramona Like i said, roof wont be added, i don't like to invent some weird parts the car doesn't maybe even have irl. If i find something i'll probably add it. For Dials... race dials, gears and all the rest will be added, radio i'll see ;)

  • @Asyr0n I found that J50 will have a Coupe roof, but 2019 edition. Here is what it going to look.



  • Only hope there will be a US license plate on the butt of this beauty.

  • @Ramona First Screen you posted is actually no J50 :P It is a Ferrari i probably will do in near future tho!
    And screen 2... well it's a coupe, i'll see if i can do something similar for the Spider version as hardtop.

    @IUaena Licenseplate is already in place so no worries.

  • @Asyr0n Another pic I found, regarding the future coupe version of the J50.


  • @Ramona @JCM Well Guess what, those screens actually made me curious so i decided to model it! :P

    alt text

    Ingame as normal painted:
    alt text
    alt text


    Working on a Glass version as well like those on screens...

    alt text
    alt text

    But now i'm having issues spawning the car, still too highpoly i guess, gonna reduce it abit more.
    Enjoy ;)

  • Managed to get it to work again! Plus could test the new Glas roof as well...

    alt text
    alt text


    glass roof is a nice 'extra' touch, for the rest: R.E.S.P.E.C.T. :bow:

    //edit: that's some contrast rich shadows right there


  • @ReNNie Wow OMG I can t wait:)

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