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Weirdest problem I ever had - getting into STOCK sentinel2 makes my game crash! What?!

  • Here's the situation: I have a heavily modded game with most cars replaced, more than 50 add-ons that also spawn in traffic, LA Roads, LA Billboards, NaturalVision and a few script mods such as Pull Me Over, Disarm, Idle Animations, Enhanced Melee Combat, and I'm Not MentaL's vehicle persistence mod.

    Now the thing is, my game runs very well, it does not crash - except when I try to get into the sentinel2! Which is quite frustrating since it's Amanda's car, so there's no avoiding it, there's even a mission where I have to use it. I removed it from the popgroups file so it doesn't spawn in traffic but it's no complete solution.

    I had a E36 convertible replaced for that car, thought that may be the issue, so I reset the car to original, even the settings in vehicles.meta and everywhere else. Nothing changed, crashes still. No error message, just freezes then stops working.

    I don't have any idea how one ORIGINAL car can make my game crash when everything else seems alright. Tried replacing it with another mod that I know works as I use it for the Sentinel XS, but it crashes still. I guess it's some script problem for this specific car. Spawned all other cars right after each other just to be sure, no crash. Sentinel2 crashes it instantly. I have a backup but it's a week old and I did a lot of modifications since then, so it's be nice to find a solution. Any idea how I could fix this issue, how could one car be causing it, maybe the same experience for someone else?

    Oh, and also! When using the trainer to spawn the sentinel2, even though 'spawn into vehicle' is checked and the trainer does spawn me into every other vehicle correctly, when I spawn the sentinel2 it just spawns it in front of me. At this point the game still works, I can destroy the car and do whatever I want with it from the outside but then when I press the button to get into the car it crashes immediately. Tried removing every vehicle-related script of mine including the persistence mod, no luck.

  • Nothing?

  • I can only think there must be some remnant of the replacement. Tell us what you did for resetting the car to the original. Do you use the mods folder and have you taken the files from the original locations for the rollback? Idk off hand if the Sentinel2 was patched since the base game. Please check that and make sure this patch (if there is any) is also back to the original state. Patch data have priority over base data.

  • @Cyron43 I use the mods folder, so I replaced the sentinel .yft and ytd files back to the originals from the original x64e.rpf, copied the sentinel2's vehicles.meta, carcols and handling lines from the original to the mods folder files, sentinel2_mods.rpf is also restored. My original files are also 2 weeks old only, that's when I last reinstalled the game. Couldn't find any more sentinel2.ytd or yft files anywhere else.

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