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Basic Question on whats needed and not in mods folder?

  • New to modding yes very much so,
    I have Redux installed, my whole game is backed up in mods folder like it instructed.

    Main question or statement is which of these 64c thru 64w do i need to keep? (I'll make back up on other drive)

    i just want to add things that i can (drive/fly/float) i won't be adding anything else since my graphics are good to go.

  • @Jeepster You only need what ever archive you have stored modified files in. I use every single one, but if you haven't place or plan to place mods in say x64l.rpf, then you don't need it. Just remember though, that if a mod of interest requires it, to remember to copy over said archive to the mods folder. Honestly I would just leave all in there, because OIV installers expect things to be where needed. It would mean for every OIV install, you would need to look at the contents and the file that tells you where said assets will go. What a pain that would be every time you wanted to install something.

  • I saw someone type something about mainly cars are 64 ? awhile back... if i can boil it down to a basic cars boats planes... that would free up i'm guessing about 65 GB of space :) As far as OIV installs there are a few using that as all in one install.

    But still would like the info, since this HD is down to 13gb left ... Main reason is that.


    WD Black 3TB Performance HDD - 7200 RPM SATA 6Gb/s ... for $185

    you can also delete most vehicles from earlier patchdayxxn.rpf's if they are present in later ones.
    As the game uses the vehicles in the latest patchday.
    Saves up a lot of hdd space, but costs time to investigate and test (and always backup before trying)

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