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Zmodeler 3 Vehicle Model building help: solved

  • Hey Guys,

    Having an issue with one of my vehicle models for a pack I've been trying to get out for everyone. This truck was giving me a problem with the spot lights not working and I finally got those working. But now Extra 1 doesn't want to work right and is steady burn in game.

    I think I may have figured out the problem but I don't know how to fix it.....It looks like the chassis or the chassis [COL] is getting linked to the extra 1 slot (Even though I don't have them together).

    Belows a video I recorded of it showing in OpenIV how they're connecting to each other (i'm assuming anyways) and pics of my Hierarchy and what extra 1 actually controls (Red ELS Lights on the left side)

    Anyone know how to keep this from happening? I've replaced the Chassis dummy, extra 1 dummy, redid the lods (Long shot), and also unlinked extra 1 and then moved it back.


  • @Thero It could be days before you get a reply if at all. To maximize your potential of getting the speediest response, I recommend tagging known mod authors who have experience with this, starting with say @FoxtrotDelta or maybe @SkylineGTRFreak Oh yeah....you're welcome, LOL...

  • Thanks. It is resolved now though. Had to reinstall my Zmodeler for anyone else that comes across this in the future.

  • @Thero You should mark this as solved, FYI...

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