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No "Tracer" Line on Bullets?

  • It's become obvious to me that there aren't necessarily a ton of modders eager to take requests, I'm hoping this one is easy enough that someone can tell me how to find/alter the files myself. In GTA V (as there is in GTA IV) a gray line follows every bullet to its destination. And it occurs to me that this looks really silly in certain situations, but I haven't found a mod yet that turns it off. Then again, I'm not really sure what to look for. There must be a graphic for this in the RPF archives, right?

  • @futurestoryteller some mods include this but there is no standalone mod.

    Example: https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/improved-gunplay-mod
    It is probably outdated or at the least does not remove tracers for all weapons released after the mod's last update.

    This is the opposite of what you want: https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/visible-bullets
    Hopefully someone can help you with it as I do not have much knowledge about the weapons.meta files.

  • @stillhere I could make a joke about how I don't need the opposite of what I want, but I think I know what you're getting at, and for some reason I really thought I was clever enough for considering how you telling me there's a mod that does the opposite of what I want means that mod must alter the same requisite files, and thus I can kind of reverse engineer the process. - And I have done that successfully with other things, but alas... I can't figure it out. Thanks anyway, I guess.

  • @futurestoryteller dude open weapons meta , edit the ammo for your weapon , remove ptfx of the bullet. In those lines. If u remove the ptfx the bullets will have no tracer. U could even give them different tracers i guess. Like smoke and laser effects

    But u will have to individually edit each ammo type or else only 1 weapon will have this effect.

    Weapon.meta file edit it.

  • @FoxtrotDelta What does ptfx stand for? Particle effects? I can't find "ptfx" in any of the weapons based meta files I've used Open IV's search function on. I found a tracer value in some files, but they were all also set to 0 already. I've tried searching for what I assume are various related terms, with equally empty results. Sorry if that seems dumb, but I just can't find any of this shit, for whatever reason.

  • @futurestoryteller alright i will make an example weapon for u a pitol whlch wont have bullet tracers, u or anyone would be able to compare and copy those lines to any weapon for having this tracer effect removed. Im going to travel with my mom tomorrow , will be back home after 48 hours God willing.

    Will post it here once i get back n finish work on it

  • @FoxtrotDelta said in No "Tracer" Line on Bullets?:


    Any update on this ? Trying to remove tracers for a machinima

  • @FoxtrotDelta Hey man, whatever happened to this?

  • @futurestoryteller paid work came into its way. busy with those mods. i'll try once i can find time.

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    I haven't had time to test this but I reckon it should work :thumbsup:

    In weapons.meta try replacing the line that looks like this:





    with this:

            <TracerFx />

    ^That should take away the tracer particleFX

    Setting these values to zero may also help:

            <TracerFxChanceSP value="0.000000" />
            <TracerFxChanceMP value="0.000000" />

    Easy enough for you to test it out :thumbsup: I would but I'm busy trying to get the AI to use a vehicle machinegun correctly & not just fire it over my head most of the time :/ (that's what brought me here with a 5mods search).

  • @JonaQ whatever happened to this? Did this work for you OP?

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    I'm 100% sure my previous post info will work in removing the tracers :thumbsup:

    It may just be as simple as setting:

        <TracerFxChanceSP value="0.000000" />
        <TracerFxChanceMP value="0.000000" />

    to zero (as above) in the 'weapons.meta'.
    If that doesn't work changing the weapons <TracerFx> line (in 'weapons.meta' also):



        <TracerFx />

    will definitely work as it stops the game from being able to use the tracer particle fx so nothing will show up in game when you fire :thumbsup:

  • @JonaQ I can confirm this does work, thanks!


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