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Suddenly Trainer says ''Invalid Model'' after installing a few Addon Cars

  • Hi all together,
    Like the Title says, i'm suddenly having a big Problem with my Game.
    I can't spawn any Addon car anymore. I don't understand, why this suddenly don't work. I only installed a few more Addon Cars to my Game. Before i installed the new Cars, the Trainer loads the already installed older ones. But after installing the new Cars, the Trainer says everytime ''Invalid Model''. At the same time, i can't spawn many cars from the regular Game. I really don't understand what happend. I've installed the Cars like always. Added a Line in the dlclist.xml and in the extratitleupdatedata.meta and copied the Carfolder in the dlcpacks folder.
    I tried everything. Added a new gameconfig file, added a new dlclist.xml and extratitleupdate.meta file, but nothing works for me. That brings me to my Question. Does anyone have the same Problem and sloved it? Or does anyone have an idea, what causes the Error?

  • @SmokinWaters Well something like this happened to me before. For me, the author of a mod put a wrong dlclist.xml line making all add-on files after that failing to load. Also a corrupted mod file can cause all sorts of problems. Check your add-on files, one by one.
    And you said you cannot spawn vanilla cars too? This happened to me in an old version of IVPack because some cars in it had the same model name of the vanilla cars.

  • @Akila_Reigns Thank you, for your good Idea. I will try that now. Hopefully I will find the File, that causes the Error. Vanilla Cars aren't the Problem. When I try to load the regular Cars, for Example the Kuruma, the Trainer says ''Invalid Model''
    This happend, after i installed the new Cars.

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