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[VEHICLE] chevrolet - opel meriva 1.8 2008

  • @futurestoryteller You seem upset.

    Also, have this bit of food for thought: All of Hum3d's models are sold with the expectation that they may be used in games, mod or not - Although this causes the price to rise and most modders do it themselves, there's even an option to have Hum3d make the model 'game ready'. When you purchase from Hum3d, you also purchase the rights to use the model. That's another reason why it's so expensive.

  • Well guys....you know English is not my first language. I will try my best here:

    You know I'm modding the MP female characters because I really love 3D modeling but I'm not supposed to profit from R* 3D models. This is the reason you don't see my paypal account here.

    If you guys want to give me through PM $5,10,20 or $100 as a "Thank you" for my time and dedication...well..that's fine. But is not right to ask for money for something I have not created or have not licensed to profit.

    If someone buy a HQ 3D from any 3Dwebsite like TurboSquid with money from donations or you own money and you worked your purchased 3D model hard is fine you get a fair compensations. You even have the right to sell it.

    I don't know if the admins/owners of this website will allow us to sell 3d models not "related" to any protected content like a game or movie but content not licensed like a beautiful 3d woman from any of those websites.

    I don't know....I have not seen nothing in the web's guidelines. The only thing I know if you guys want/expect a "Thank You" compensation with protected copyright stuff just don't request it in a broad sight because the owners of those contents are always lurking inside this websites.

    I repeat again. If you guys want to give some cash for the hard work just do it secretly through PM and keep your business underground.

  • Those who need my service can pm me(I unpublished my mods released on 5mods) ;) and btw no one will work a weak or more for your request for free if you don't want to pay than fucking learn how to do it yourself.

  • @futurestoryteller I kind of agree with you but I don't think it should be free - like the Zmodeler license obviously + the general work, so I think it shouldn't be free as that is a bit too much to ask but I do think it should be a bit cheaper, I mean there is a lot of work required and after all you are the one who particularly wants it, especially from some random person you don't know. Things are expensive these days - no one will do things for free and so rightly they shouldn't have to.

    (Sorry if this hijacks the original topic into a debate or something)

  • @GtaGraphical It's simple as that.

  • @ethannn_ No, there are people, who create mods for free. The thing is that, they create, what they want, when they want, how exactly THEY see it. It means no obligations and who likes the content, can always enjoy it for free. If we touch the "paid mods" topic, then I don´t think they should be cheaper, because they are SUPER CHEAP already. I noticed sums around 50-60 for conversions, which is a mega bargain, considering, such work needs specific skills. This is not cashier work in a shop, yet the prices are even lower, than an actual salary of "cashier" (random example). If some more prominent modelers ask 90 for "scratch"-models, then I have many times thought on my own, that I feel for them even more, this time IMHO is not "outpaid".

    If You want exclusive, You either learn it Yourself (I chose this way myself a while ago) or be ready to pay.

  • @HRH Oh yeah obviously from scratch should not be cheaper. I kinda meant like if a model is already available (like the model is already purchased before the request or idk) But yeah I agree.

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