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Missing Biker Chic Female

  • Last night i was going thru Body guards with ENT "Enhanced Native Trainer 35" and left off at Biker Chic.

    Today i didn't do much as far as messing with files besides installing Add-on Peds, then installing Harley Quinn.
    Everything installed and harley is there 3 different versions, Besides not being able to click "L" to bring up menu on add-on peds, I lost Biker Chic Female.

    I use ENT to spawn her, she never pops up and the ENT menu disappears and never comes back till i reload game.
    Any help would be nice :)

  • Well i found her file, it hasn't been over ridden...
    But for some reason when i even try to change skin into Bikerchic or use as bodyguard, ENT disappears and nothing happens.
    ENT never comes back unless i load a save or restart.

    BikerChic is the only one doing that as of right now.

    "Just figure i would update myself lol

  • @Jeepster Delete Topic please it was User error lol :dark_sunglasses:

  • @Jeepster pretty sure you can edit the post to delete it :)

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